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Quotes & Anecdotes

Select quotes and anecdotes we heard first-hand from workers at meatpacking plants in California. 


Juliana was a new employee that came for training from Mexico. “She was a beautiful young lady.” During the training, she let me know that she was captured and held by the Mexican cartel when she was 15 and used [likely as a sex-slave]. She was disciplined by her holders with knives, and they used to cut her on her body. She had trauma and did not want to work with knives. We found her a job that didn’t involve knives but according to protocol working with knives was part of the standardized orientation. Juliana went to the supervisor and said she didn’t want to work with knives during the training because of her trauma and the [female] supervisor fired her on the spot. “I was shocked that she did that.” 

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