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Why #MeatlessLaborDay

While the world’s largest meat companies rake in billions in profits and control the majority of the meat processed in the U.S., they do little to protect their workers. On busy days, particularly around holidays, meatpacking workers must process more meat faster and work extra long hours – beyond their normal 10-14-hour shifts – significantly increasing their risk of injury.

#MeatlessLaborDay Pledge

September 6th is Labor Day, meant to pay tribute to hardworking laborers. However, big multinational meat companies treat their employees as expendable. Show your support for these heroes who risk life and limb to provide for their families and yours. Pledge to go meatless on Labor Day and help alleviate some of the pressure for meatpacking workers on one of the busiest days of the year. 


Blatant exploitation has been well documented. From meatpacking workers being forced to wear diapers because they’re denied bathroom breaks to losing limbs, they are subjected to horrifying conditions. During the pandemic, one of the largest meat companies made bets on how many workers would get sick from COVID-19. The meatpacking industry not only has the highest rates of injuries from any other industry, but also has higher rates of COVID-19 than any other industry employing essential workers. Download the facts below for additional information.

Justice For Laborers

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